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Q. Printer does not print all colors, what do I do?  



Does not print out at all / Does not print out all colors

Likely Cause

«This can happen when dried ink clogs the nozzle.


«Gently blot the print head with a damp and lint-free towel to clean away the clogged ink.

«If the cartridge still won't print, soak the nozzle area (bottom of the cartridge) in warm water for several minutes.

o        To do this, place the cartridge in a white Styrofoam cup (Styrofoam is soft and will not damage the cartridge nozzle) and fill with water until the cartridge is halfway submerged. If the cartridge still does not print, leave the cartridge in the cup of water overnight and try again.


Does not print out at all / Does not print out all colors

Likely Cause

«One of the color cartridges is almost ready to be replaced.

«One of the tape seals has not been removed or fully removed.

«An empty toner cartridge has been accidentally placed in the machine.


«Ensure the protective seal has been removed from the color cartridges.

«Do Not Shake the cartridge.

«See if the print in the middle of the page is fading. This is a typical first affect of low toner.

«If your printer stops in the middle of a job and reads "Low Toner", set the print configuration to Low Toner Continue through the control panel on the printer. (You will usually find it under the configuration menu.)

«To get a bit more life from your cartridge when the "Low Toner" message appears, gently rock the cartridge at a 40 degree angle, tap the top side, and then reinstall it.

«If you are still getting poor print quality at this point, it is time to replace the cartridge.